Citizenship, Naturalization & Civic Engagement

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Citizenship, Naturalization & Civic Engagement


HUF’s Civic Engagement program provides high-quality citizenship classes with qualified teachers, a curriculum approved and recommended by the USCIS, small classes and convenient class schedules. The Civic Engagement program assists clients with the preparation for the naturalization process, including one-on-one assistance with the N-400 form (citizenship application), the citizenship interview, legal advice and referrals.



Classes in Miami-Dade & Broward


New! Click here for classes in Miami-Dade.

In the last decade, HUF has assisted more than 12,000 individuals to become U.S. citizens in South Florida – And we’re now expanding our Pathways to Citizenship Program in Miami-Dade to help permanent residents prepare for the citizenship interview! The classes are free and available at several libraries across Miami-Dade.


For classes in BROWARD, please click here.



  • Served 3,000+ clients throughout Broward (at HUF & Broward County Public Libraries) yearly  
  • Close to 1,000 clients passed their Naturalization test and became US Citizens
  • Recipient of a two-year grant from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) Certified by the United States Department of Justice
  • State-of-the-art technology includes tablets and a SmartBoard to facilitate the learning process   

Contact us for Citizenship instructors volunteer opportunities (training provided): (954) 964-8884 ext. 266 or ext. 216.



Pre-Registration Form

To complete the Citizenship Services Pre-Registration Form for both Broward and Miami-Dade: Click here.


Community Partners

  • Legal Aid Service of Broward County: provides high quality free civil legal advice, representation and education to the disadvantaged of Broward County.  Visit their website for further information:
  • The New Americans Campaign: More than 80 organizations across the nation have already assisted thousands using these interactive web-based screening and application preparation tools on CitizenshipWorks as a part of the New Americans Campaign, a national nonpartisan effort working to streamline and modernize access to naturalization assistance services.
  • Univision: In this comprehensive website, you will find basic and important information about the Citizenship process and tips on how to have a successful interview, as well as the latest news about immigration reform.  For more information go to:
  • Broward County Public Libraries: Citizenship classes are provided at different Libraries located throughout Broward County. Classes are for free and open to the public all year long except holidays. For more information visit Click on our link to get the schedule of HUF Citizenship classes.


Civic Engagement Client Stories


Important Civic Engagement Links

Hispanic Unity of Florida: Client Stories

Hispanic Unity was founded more than 34 years ago by community leaders to ease the acculturation transition for newcomers from other nations. Today this nonprofit provides assistance through 12 programs and 30+ services, in four languages, to Broward's diverse community. Hispanic Unity remains the county's largest agency dedicated to the immigrant population, providing them with the tools they need to build a new life. In 2015, the agency served 17,000+ clients, from toddlers to adults.